Denis Lessard
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Embracing the Archive

From Friday November 4 to Saturday December 17, 2011

Mark Clintberg, Adriana Disman, Ève Dorais, Rebecca Duclos, Kandis Friesen, Emmanuel Galland, Denis Lessard, Pilar Macias, Natalie Olanick, Anne-Marie Proulx, Sabrina Russo, Lorraine Turci and Anne-Sophie Garcia bring perspective to Skol’s 27-year history, complicating one’s perception of a homogeneous, linear trajectory. Documents, artifacts, images pulled from the newly processed historical archive revealed surprising cultural and disciplinary shifts as well as commonalities across generations.

In August 2011, Denis Lessard, assisted by Aldis Snorradóttir, finished processing Skol’s historical archive. Throughout the exhilarating six-month-long adventure, he turned up hidden treasures and intriguing curiosities. Lessard presented his archivist’s selections, grouped under a few loose headings: founding documents, recognizing oneself in the archives, buried artwork, mobilization and issues. The documents on display varied over the course of the exhibition. This contribution was dedicated to the memory of citizen artist Philippe Côté (1957-2011).

Photos: Guy L'Heureux